Community In Our Wet market

Community according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is a unified body of individuals living together with common interests. This is not new in any scene, but it may have died down. Comparing what we have today from what we had back then, the sense of community is a big part of the lives of people.

People have challenged themselves to be the best and be known for it. Like having the best vegetable products or having the freshest of the fishery ports or producing the best quality bean curd. It has challenged our ancestors and society has its way of judging who is the rightful holder of prestige will be and thus will be supported through sales.

But long time have pass and our society requires new sets of ideologies to push forth the barrier to progress but we still all have the same needs, such as love, a sense of belonging, and mastery. It's never too late to get back to our roots and give back to our society, for we know that society pays those who work hard and those who toil hard never go hungry.

The wet market is a vital part of the community.  Food has been our daily need and going to this marketplace is a tradition among the people in the community.  Buying the fresh vegetables and meats or whatever seafoods from the wet market is a routine that people do.  The camaraderie of meeting up with old friends in the wet market and eating with your family or friends in the hawker center will always be a part of our growing years.

You get to build trust and new friendships along the way. It will require your strength, energy and determination in exchange for life lessons of humility, fellowship, and most importantly community. Have fun and we hope you try it yourself and remember that you are never at a loss in helping the community.

You can give this a try and ask your local vendor if you can help, they might give you a job if you present yourself properly and this is a good opportunity for you so employers will see how hard working, community-driven, and effective you are. Plus it gives you a good stretch of exercise. Don't quit early on because your body will still adjust to the new environment; nevertheless, give it your best and experience the past in the present.