Culture, Food and Singapore

Culture despite its portrayal in the art as one big event. It's the usual everyday life: your routines, your relationships, your work. It encompasses all that we do on a day to day basis. Culture is the overall adventure of our lives evolving and adjusting to the needs of our time. It is a very wonderful thing and our most common reason for neglect for it is the commonality, redundancy, and just plain responsibility that we do not get to enjoy it anymore.

Singapore is a crazy country which can set anybody’s head spinning, due to the stressful and busy atmosphere. Everybody here is always in a hurry to do things and only one thing here will keep you grounded and that is food. Even if the fish head curry came from southern India and Bak KutTeh is from China, all of those foods are now just part of Singaporean food. Wherever you maybe in Singapore, you will feel that people here cared deeply about what they ate. You can smell the fragrant coconut jam on toast in the high skycraper and can hear from the red-light district alleys the crack of crab shells.

But you have an escape from it. Once you get away from it for a while, you will surely miss it and respect it, for it mould you the way you are. It's an organic thing to have in our lives and along with it is the food that we eat. The quality of our bodies is reflected by the quality of our health. We need better quality food to have better quality lives and a happier life.

Singapore is a country of five million dead-serious eaters, the kind of people who loves food and usually ask, "Have you eaten?" as a form of greeting. And no matter where you are, or what you're eating right now, you'll always hear someone talking about a better curry, noodle, porridge, or even bean curd at their favorite hawker center.

Good nutrition doesn't need to have an expensive price tag, but medical care does. So, take good care of your body with quality food from the wet market, and give your body the correct amount of nutrients it needs because this in turn will help you every day. You might want to take a step back and appreciate what you have right now, and you'd surely be more grateful and happier.