Kampong Chicken vs Free-Range Chicken

Is kampong chicken same as a free range chicken? Well the answer is No

They are different. Kampong (meaning village) or more appropriately kampung chicken is hatched and bred in a kampung setting in Malaysia or Indonesia. Free range chicken however, can be chicken from the US or other countries (not Malaysia or Indonesia) and the definition of free range chicken is simply just they are given access outdoors (with or without cage).

Authentic Kampung chicken may feed on anything, from bugs, stones, seeds, vegetation, meat, own eggs and not excluding the corpses of other chickens, rats, snakes and other animals, and is allowed to roam freely, hunt and interact with everything without a cage. Free range chicken may be fed a certain meal to plump it up while being able to go outdoors.

Generally, you would find authentic kampung chicken to have leaner and harder meat, no fats and is smaller than typical cage bred chicken. Kampong is a breed, and so can be raised in different ways. Free-range is a husbandry technique that any breed can be subjected to.

It is true that Kampongs were originally developed as a breed that was not intensively kept and so they have traits that lend to being outdoors. For example, they are lightweight and agile which allows them to live off less feed and able to escape predators.