If you need an online marketplace for fresh vegetables and fruits, come and see our wet market’s portal. We have various produce from the farms and food manufacturers across different neighboring countries and still growing. SG Wet market distribution can deliver these fresh products in the shortest possible time from the farm to consumer at prices that are incredibly low and affordable.

This unique online platform is connecting consumers with farmers and food manufacturers. At the click of a button, consumers can now buy fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, dry goods, all kinds of meat, be it beef, chicken, mutton or pork, seafood and other items directly from farm sources at wholesale prices and have them delivered within 24 hours. Isn’t it incredible?

Our company uses an advanced logistics enterprise built by a highly dedicated team, developing technology and designing processes which gives result of efficiency at every point of the food supply chain. The food orders are packed and delivered to customers with low food wastage levels and it adds to the efficiency gains of the system.

Consumers get more choices and at better prices of the fresh vegetables and other market produce, farmers get access to a bigger market and the community as a whole benefits from this kind of selling online.

Since the launch of our business, Singapore Wet Market Distribution has made unique steps in both the use of advanced technology and the farm fresh produce industries. We are mainly developing the most efficient solution to bringing fresh food items like vegetables, fruits, meats and seafoods from different countries and delivering them to Singapore customers with the fastest transportation and best savings. It is now possible for consumers to buy the food they desire, straight from the farms at affordable prices!