If you will recall for the past years, when you went to the grocery store and bought chicken, you will only see one classification of chicken meat. Now the poultry section can be a confusing mish-mash of labels. It includes organic, natural, no antibiotics, no GMO or cage-free. It is a better choice to purchase organic chicken. 

Organic chicken have been fed not just a vegetarian diet. The chicken is fed with a diet that does not include any genetically modified ingredients or toxic synthetic pesticides. It also means that antibiotics cannot be used for anything other than medically necessary antibiotics. However, chickens can be provided with antibiotics during their first day of life; the drug-free rule kicks in the day after the shell breaks open. Some people may argue that there are farmers who stretch the boundaries of what is medically necessary.

Organic certification, which requires annual inspections, mandates that access to the outdoors be provided for the chickens, but sets no specific standards for the size of the outdoor area, the size of the door leading between inside and outside, or the amount of time the birds spend outdoors. These chickens are never given antibiotics, including in the egg.

Antibiotics are administered for a variety of reasons, such as preventing and treating disease. It can also increase feed efficiency and to stimulate growth. They are put in food or sometimes administered directly to the animal. There is worry that pumping these animals with full antibiotics is creating strains of drug-resistant bacteria. Alternatively, it is polluting our waterways with the run off from farms. An antibiotic-free label means the animals were not administered any antibiotics. The sick animals were removed from the herd. They were only used to treat sick animals and not for preventive measures.

The use of hormones is also not allowed in the production of chickens for market. Some chickens raised for meat have access to the outdoors. The chickens are cage-free, free to roam around outdoors.

The only difference between conventionally raised chickens and free-range is that the chickens have access of some sort to the outside. There are no standards for size of the outdoor area or for the door to the outside.

The chicken’s feed must be comprised of less than 0.9 percent of genetically modified crops. Natural chickens didn’t receive antibiotics or chow down on feed containing GMOs. The only substantial requirement for "natural” chicken breasts is that they contain no artificial ingredients.

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