Due to the nature of how COVID-19 is spreading, the biggest risk of infection could come from interacting closely with others. Social distancing has been implemented everywhere.

To eliminate the physical transfer of cash or handling of credit cards, both of which can potentially harbor the virus, many food service operations now allow customers to pay ahead, either by phone or online.

When picking up the delivery, follow the basic precautions recommended in a public space: Cover you face and wear gloves if possible, and keep the interaction brief. Wash or sanitize your hands as soon as possible.

When ordering for delivery, remember that the front porch or doorway is now the delivery person’s workspace. If possible, use the contactless delivery option so food can be left at your door. It is a safer option for both of you. If the situation does not allow for contactless delivery and an order needs to be accepted directly, follow the same precautions.

COVID-19 is particularly troubling because it can live on surfaces for extended periods of time, including the two most common used in food delivery: paper bags and cardboard boxes.The virus can live on a variety of surfaces but the risk of transmission from food packaging, as well as other packages and mail, is extremely low. They are generally regarded as safe.


Although the FDA states there is no evidence that food packaging is a transmission point, best practice is to transfer the food out of the packaging, dispose of packaging, and thoroughly wash hands. Finally, clean the area where the bag or packaging was resting.

We caution consumers to be aware of the chemicals they are using, to use them properly and not overuse them. Sgwetmarket home delivery is the best option for people to get their basic food products, fresh and safely sealed for everybody.

Simple pleasure like enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables can be perfectly safe with a few basic procedures in mind.