What is it with food anyway-- Should you really think about what you eat

You might ask, "What is with food anyway? When I do not feel hungry anymore, I can go about and tackle my day." Well it is more than that; it is not by eating a cup of noodles that you would be full. We struggle every day to find energy, because we do not invest in it as much as we should. Our bodies being 75% water require a balance of different nutrients and the most common way we get those nutrients is by eating food. There is the whole science of that called nutrition, but you do not really have to be a scientist to know what would be healthful and what would not be.

Productivity is the big idea here. Everybody wants to be productive and we want everyone to be productive too, just like our bosses and our partners want us to be energetic and fruitful. It is always been the same thing around the block: proper rest, healthful diet and weekly exercise. Our bodies just like well-oiled machines work optimally when given proper maintenance and adjustments. It has been capable of adjusting to what we have chosen as our lifestyle and it is never too late to give our bodies what it needs. Unfortunately, we would not be able to discuss rest and exercise for now, but we will be discussing those two in a future post.

Now we can focus on diet alone. Nutrients are divided in to two categories: macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. Macro means large and micro meaning small in Latin. Macro-nutrients are needed by our bodies in huge quantities, while micro-nutrients are needed in smaller quantities. Nevertheless, both are required by our bodies to perform its functions. And I am afraid that at the rate that we are going about with our food we are depriving ourselves of the energy we can really have.

Our food contains different amounts of nutrients and a good rule of thumb is to eat a wide variety of food. It is by eating different kinds of vegetables and meats that we can fill those micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients. We are in a first-world country and we are fortunate enough to have a wide range of variety of products available to us with just a few steps outside.

We should also intake more water and not just any other fluids in our diet. We can get water from a serving of fruits and vegetables. Water allows the body to perform its basic functions more efficiently. Our bodies are wired to maximize its resources and allocate different resources to what is most crucial for us if we are not properly eating. There is a healthful option for us, and the Singaporean wet market has always been there to fulfill our needs throughout history.