Help! -- A vegetable guide in the Singaporean Wet Market

If you are new in the scene and the view seems overwhelming, read ahead we'll share with you this short guide to help you further in finding the freshest, tastiest and heartiest produce among the rest. It's not rocket science to know which vegetables are good in the heaps of greens.

The vegetable sellers usually market to buyers through their senses. Feel free to touch, see and feel the different produce you intend to buy. They know that by letting you touch their produce, they are keeping you longer in their stalls and you are likely to buy, something that is common even today. For freshness isn’t solely seen but also felt.

Freshness is your priority for vegetable, and for most green leafy vegetables, the greener it is means better. You must visually check for any yellowing or rotting part and ask if you can remove it, then do so. The holes really aren't an issue, because this can only mean that few or no pesticides were used. Check the stiffness of the leaves and stalk, not too stiff because this means it's old and not wilted because this means it's not that fresh anymore.

Knowing all this means one thing, and executing it means a whole different thing altogether. Don't be too late as well, some of these veteran buyers come in early because they know it's key to having the freshest vegetable among the rest. But don't be threatened by all this, around you are people too, you can simply ask them if you really don't know and you would like to know; this is how communities are built having a common ground.

I hope you'll enjoy your next Singaporean wet market experience and good luck hunting and choosing those fresh, healthy vegetables!