Wet market is Family Business

The Singaporean wet market has long established itself as the best place to obtain organic produce of high-grade and premium quality, at the price that will boggle your mind. But it may look like it has been the same, it is a very dynamic place where people come together to get the best from their friends or long- established friends and the stall owners.

The wet market has been the place that has helped people and society itself progress from one year to another. It has been a stronghold where people can get their proper amounts of nutrition and beyond that a community where they belong. Different people from different cultures come here especially those cultures that has marketing embedded in their lives when they were younger.

It has been a tradition that people usually treat this wet market as a family business which is handed down from the old generation to the new generation to handle. Likewise, the place has evolved inside-out where families of different generations have held on to their position and prestige as the stall owners.

It has handed over the legacy to their children and their children's children. It is a challenging place wherein you need the people’s trust. You need the necessary connections to get the best of products like fresh vegetables and seafoods.

Different stall owners have been tried and tested by the various demands of the current community, and all together adapt or else they fail and fall. Just like a child needs a parent, we need the wet market to teach us humility, hard work, and hustling.

To most locals,wet market is a place for freshest market produce while it is a suggested attraction for a cultural and social experience to tourists. In Singapore,wet market is so-called because people wash the floors with water after washing vegetables or cleaning fish and thus it is often wet.

Wet market is family business for the stallholders. Besides slowing demand, vendors also face an uphill battle in convincing their children to take over the family business.

The challenges we will face tomorrow will be backed by our wisdom from the past, enabling us to breakthrough and pursue progress. As it has always been, the Singaporean wet market stays strong, but it needs your help. It will be the business of the family that will stay for the years to come.