Why SG wetmarkets are popular?

You have probably been there, and it was not the best experience. It can sure be wet when you tread these floors, but one thing is for sure, they have the best fresh vegetables delivered directly from the farm are available at these places.

Premium meats and delicious seafood are outright displayed in front of you whenever you search these places. You will be able to find everything you need here for your weekly meal plans, and most of the stall-owners will also help you. They can teach you where to get the best ingredients for your dishes. This is a good all-rounder where you can also get your meat prepared just how you like it: de-boned, chopped, minced and more.

Far from being very systematized you can get better quality products here compared to the supermarket at a bargained price. You can also have a good relationship with a stall owner, so they get a sure sale while you get the best produce. A lot of stallholders will also reward you with additional items at no charge if you are a repeat customer. While a certain amount of bargaining can go on, this is not the place for hardcore haggling and offering half of the selling price.

Despite our differences from multiple various cultures, we love seeing people smile and laugh - something common in these places. These traditional places keep its own heart of serving the people what they need at the right price with the best quality.

Just make sure to set your alarm clock early in the morning even before the sun rises so you would not have to bump to people when the influx of people at around 8 a.m. pour in. This is where you will find aromatic spices galore from the popular stalls. And if you got a teen who thinks markets are boring, let them see the exotic foods which will make their eyes wide with amazement.